Should have bought a Motorbike

Yes, traffic jams in KL/Klang Valley area is what I have to go through almost every single day of my life. This morning, the traffic heading to KL from the PLUS highway just after the Sungai Besi Toll was horrendous. Normally traffic flow on a Friday morning is relatively smooth with the occasional stop-and-go, nothing to get stressed out about. But this morning’s traffic was shall I say, “Out of this world”. Traffic was almost at a standstill and the queue was as long as a queue in the supermarket check out counter. It was so bad until I thought of wanting to step out of my car and just walk. I should have bought a Motorbike (kapchai) instead of a new car or should have kept my old car and bought a new motorbike to go to work. A motorbike has its advantages obviously,

  • Motorbikes are exempted from paying toll.
  • Motorbikes are immune to traffic jams.
  • Motorbikes are easy to handle – just twist and go.
  • Motorbikes are cheap to maintain.
  • Motorbikes are cheap to buy.
And the list goes on….DAMN….I should have bought one.


3 thoughts on “Should have bought a Motorbike

  1. Peeps says:

    dude..die easily oso eh..somemore die like cat been run over by lorry eh..scarry man..sad but true…but i understand your pain. sine tesco ampang opened, mrr2 has gone bad to worse..stoopid muthafookas..damn u tesco!!

  2. umang mathur says:

    i agree with you.
    nice blog.
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  3. montieandme says:

    Motorbike every time 😉

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