1st and 3rd Saturday

During my drive back to my house after morning breakfast with my wife and my daughter, I decided drop at the CELCOM Kajang branch to pay my handphone bill using my credit card (at the time not enough money in the my wallet). And so I drove to the only CELCOM branch in Kajang, got down from the car and proceed towards the main entrance. I then noticed that the main entrance was locked and that there was a sign that stated the branch is closed on every 1st and 3rd Saturday. I said to myself, “Come lah CELCOM. Just because government offices and banks throughout Malaysia closes on 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month, doesn’t mean you have to lah”.

I can’t believe it at all. I mean if a mamak restaurant opens daily and at times 24 hours a day, why can’t CELCOM open on every working Saturday? I mean, CELCOM is a service oriented company and being a service oriented company it should at least open its doors on weekends.



3 thoughts on “1st and 3rd Saturday

  1. Peeps says:

    biasala..stoopid as a stoopid does..hehehe..damn all telecommunications!!

  2. Peeps says:

    eh dude..maxis open 24hours 7 days eh..like ATM nowdays..what lah celcom..change to maxis lah…heheh

  3. Ijal says:

    lorrr celcom also has option maaa u can go to any celcom points which also open 7 days a week. this is run by the dealer. Once you pay it will reflect and update your bill automatically. No worries man hassle free now…We also provide similar like ATM machine where you can pay at anytime at your convenient …but at selected outlets. You can refer to below links for further info http://www.celcom.com.my/cep/aboutus/corporate/contents/contact_us/store_locate.html or call 03-3630 8888 or short code 1111

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