EPL – Damn you Liverpool !!!!

Yeap, its that time of the year where all footies start to focus their attention to the 2006/07 EPL season. Some of us will forgo our weekend nights with our loved ones just to see our favourite EPL team playing on the telly.

I support Liverpool…let me rephrase…I worship Liverpool. But DAMN….how can a top team play so badly against a newly promoted team, Sheffield United, it’s beyond me. The Reds played like school kids..wait even worse…they played like bunch of sisses. I admit that Liverpool deserved to lose and not draw against Sheffield United as they were a better team. Sheffield played with their heart and soul. They played as if it was a do or die mission for them. How I wish Liverpool played like that. Wishfull thinking I guess.

Now Rafa gonna bring in a Dutch striker with a funny surname..Kuyt. How the hell do one pronounce Kuyt ?…should it be pronounced as ‘Koo Yeet’ or ‘Quit’. I have never heard of Kuyt before and I hope that his Dutch striker can score goals the moment he steps onto the football pitch. If not…man Rafa better be packing his bags and go back to Spain.

Chelsea and ManU demolished their opponents during their opening matches. They played with convincing fashion.

DAMN!!!!YOU LIVERPOOL….if you keep on playing like what you played against Sheffield United…you will definitely be walking alone!!!!


2 thoughts on “EPL – Damn you Liverpool !!!!

  1. rofizan says:

    i agree with u..liverpool played very bad. i oso doubt that was a penalty..how lame! not that im against liverpool or anything, i hate chelsea more..but man..that was bad..kuyt..easy maa..kunyit..hahahah..thats how to say it..aiya rileks la joe..at least u draw..look at spurs..ma fu lat..kena main main saje..fook..!!

  2. powertothejudiciary says:

    it is pronounced “coy-t”. really la brader, you should know these things. it makes our lives a bit more interesting.

    agree that liverpool sucked but i thought rafa fielded a fairly weak team that day. the spanish were absent, so was crouch. funny though … being that tall and being called “crouch”.

    fowler looked winded. bellamy his old yapping self (will get a lot of cards for that). defensively, questionable but it was a fairly new backline that was played.

    additionally, sheff played a good attacking game cos this is their first game in premier league and they do not want to blow it. compounded by the fact that liv underestimated them, well … we get what we get.

    lot more games to go but it didn’t help that che and manure won big. bastards.

    and … congrats on your boy. hope all will turn out ok.

    and keep on savoc-ing.

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