Round Two

Nope, I ain’t talking about a boxing match. I am talking about my wife expecting our second child and I am thrill to bits. You know why ? It’s because its a boy(the first born is a daughter, more on her later).

YES A BOY. HALLEUJAH !!! and it’s due this year November,same birth month as my daughter, my wife and my mother-in-law. I remember the smile I had on my face when the doctor told us that its a boy. My smile was a long as the River Nile.I mean, I never felt so relieved in my entire life. It was like a huge burden was off my shoulders.

I wanted to jump up and yell “OH WHAT A FEELING, TOYOTA“. But I decided not to and pretended everything was cool and fine. You know, we male species were never programmed to show our feelings.

Anyway, I think my parents, especially my mum would be so happy that she’s gonna get grandson. I mean she does have a grandson, but it not my the Chin clan. Being the only son in the family, the pressure was on me to ‘get the job done’. Well, I’ve done my part and I am as eager as a beaver to wait for the arrival of my son. But whatever it is, I still adore and love my daughter, whom to me is such a bundle of joy. A cheeky little girl who will do almost anything to gain attention from her parents and her ah-ma (her grandmother).

Four more months till the wife and I get to see the arrival of our son and we are counting the days.

One thought on “Round Two

  1. Peeps says:

    so happy for u..i guess all the ginseng u drank menjadi la..dapat the only one commenting..hahahhah

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