A "Thank You" would make my day

I can’t understand why people don’t even bother to read their office emails sent by me to them.

This morning I took the trouble to email to all my office colleagues about intermittent connection issues to our web mail server being hosted in Jaring Data Centre. After I’ve sent the emails to my colleagues, 2 minutes have past by and one of my colleague called me on my telephone extension demanding an explanation to my email.

Since I am such a nice person, I politely told her about that the problem is beyond our control and as usual she refuses to accept my explanation. She told me that as an IT expert (I never ever profess to be an expert in anything…except eating), I should be able to know the problem and find a solution. I told her that in this particular instance, the line connection problem is beyond my control. It was clearly stated in my email that there is a technical problem in which these two telcos were trying their darnest best to detect the root cause of the problem and to find a solution.

After listening to my explanation, she then abruptly put down the phone. I was thinking…’Come on lah babe, no need to be so rude over the phone and slamming the phone so hard’. A simple ‘Thank you’ would do, which is not so difficult eh ?

Perhaps she needs to watch Barney and Friends or Sesame Street or both to learn to say “Thank You” eh ?

2 thoughts on “A "Thank You" would make my day

  1. Peeps says:

    people = shit

    thats y i quit my job and decided to be my own boss. i can be an idiot and an asshole to my ownself..hahhahah

  2. Ijal says:

    hahaha nowadays most ppl are becoming more rude & rude…although our parents never taught us that way…mayb our values on this has fading…hope in future my son n doter wont do such things…

    P/S: mayb ur colleagues is on period? thats why she really suck up and piss off…emotional unstable ahaks

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