Is this the Company Secretary ??

As I was redoing an IT proposal, suddenly I got an external call and the conversation went like this

Me …..: Hello ?
Caller : Is this the company secretary ?

Me……: Um…no I think you’ve got the wrong extension
Caller : Ok…Nevermind…but did you receive the proxy..blah-blah-blah ?
(I was like…lady…didn’t you hear what I said to you just now ah ?…you’ve got the wrong extension lah)

Me……: I wouldn’t know because I am not the company secretary

Caller : Is this XXX Bhd ?

Me …..: Yes it is ma’am but you got the wrong extension…let me–(the caller interrupted me)

Caller : But this is the number mah !!!! (her voice getting a louder when she said “mah”)

(I wanted to pass the line to the company secretary but decided not to because she did’nt let me finish my sentence.)

Me……: Ma’am the number to dial is 03-XXXX-XXXX

Caller : Oh its X X X X – X X X X. The company secretary is Ms. XXXXXX right ?

Me …..: No ma’am its Ms. YYYYYYY

Caller : Is Ms YYYYY in the office ah ?

Me……: Not sure ma’am

Caller : Ok lah. Thank you.

It’s quite amusing that had she let me pass the her call to the company secretary, she would had save her time and money to call again.


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