A glimpse of my son

As I was going through the heaps of CD’s in my CD case, I came across a CD that contains a short clip of an ultra scan image of my unborn son. This particular short clip of my shows his face, well sort of. Hmmmm, my son seems to be a natural in front of the camera eh ? .hehehehe

Anyway, son, Papa is eagerly waiting for you to come out and play football. I heard footballers makes tons and tons of money, well not hear in Malaysia but in England. Son, I’m gonna enroll you to Liverpool Football Club youth team and you’re gonna be a great football player. 🙂



One thought on “A glimpse of my son

  1. Peeps says:

    I’ll be waiting for that day bro! Then I can tell ppl, tu anak kawan aku tu..bangga pakcik..heheh..Good luck Son!

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