Two more months

It will be exactly 60 more days till my wife gives birth to our second child. It’s a boy by the way and I am very excited as I will be a father for the second time and my daughter will have some one to play with. However I suspect my daugther will try her hardest to make sure that she is the one that Mama and Papa will focus on.

Anyway, this boy is mighty active lah. Whenever I place my hands on my wife’s stomach, this little fella will kick and kick like there’s no tomorrow. It is as if he is saying to us, “Ma, Pa, get me out of here lah”. I mean this fella really moves alot in the womb. This got me thinking, perhaps a future football player, a rap artist, a dancer ?.

I really don’t care what he becomes, just as long as he becomes a well mannered person like me. Yeap just like Papa. I like to laze around the house (naked if possible) and just place my fat ass on the sofa and watch TV. I don’t bother my wife as I just sit on the sofa, bucknaked with my rod pointing to the direction it wants to point and watch TV.

But deep down inside of me, I really want my son to become a professional footballer player and to one day play for Liverpool in the English Premier League – this is assuming Liverpool does remain in EPL. I want him to wear red the famous red jersey and play like Steven Gerard or affectionaly known as Stevie G.

Fat chance eh ? But we all can dream and its up to us to try hard as possible to achieve our dreams.


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