Wei Han at one month (Full Moon)

Yep, it was Wei Han’s one month Full Moon celebration. He made it through the 1st month of his life and God Willing, has many more months ahead of him to endure. As usual, me wife and I distributed all the goodies to relatives and friends who came to visit Wei Wan. That day was the day where I became a delivery boy, making sure the goodies are delivered in tact to the right house address. Extremely tiring, but I get to meet relatives and friends whom I haven’t seen before in ages.

It was only after 4.00pm where the delivery was completed and it gave me enough time to take some photos of Wei Han.

(Dreamy eye look/pose)

(A state of shock look/pose)

(As usual, big sister, Ee Ee, wanna pose in front of the camera with Wei Han)


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