Relax lah a bit…..

I am not sure what should be the title of this post as my mind is totally blank. So I decided to talk about children mastering the art of relaxing.

Ee Ee seems to be picking up some my bad habits; I ain’t complaining though. You see, kids nowadays loves to mimic the mannerisms of adults. For example, see the picture below: –

Ee Ee understands that her daddy just loves to sit back and relax on the chair after a hard day at the office doing absolutely nothing and getting paid for it. She has mastered the art of relaxing and I just love her for doing it so well.

Wei Han too has picked up some my bad habits as well. Mind you he’s only one and half month old. Boy…babies nowadays sure are fast learners. Just look at the image below,

Wei Han has mastered the art of sleeping on the job…just like Daddy!!! I must have done something good in my past life to be blessed with two understanding children.

Ee Ee and Wei Han, both of you are the love of my life…err not forgetting Mommy also.


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