Botak Chin…well sort of

Yesterday, was exactly two months since Wei Han came to the world. Mommy decided to give him a new look, a hair cut to be exact and now he looks like one of Malaysia’s notorious thug…Botak Chin (no relation to me although Botak Chin and I share the same surname).

Take a look at some pictures of the ‘new and improved‘ Botak Chin.

(Yeah Baby….bald is the way to go man)

(I look better from this angle eh ? **wink-wink**)


One thought on “Botak Chin…well sort of

  1. Anonymous says:

    I am the world boxing champion.

    Trying to bully me? Wait till I land my blow on you!

    After my marathon race.

    I dream that I threw a shotput & it landed on the moon!

    The future Miss Malaysia.

    The greatest lady CEO in the world

    This is how gravititional pull works

    Future Malaysian scientist explaining unlike poles attract at the young tender age

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