CNY gathering at my Brother In-Law’s house

What a week I had during the Chinese New Year festive holidays. I took extra 4 days after the gazetted 2 day public holidays to usher in the new Lunar year. Surprisingly I didn’t consume much beer, CNY cookies, oranges and other goodies as for some reason, I wasn’t feeling all that well. Doctor said it was due to excess wind in my stomach and gave me some medicine to ease the discomfort. It did help but I notice my appetite for food has decreased tremendously. Sick or not, I had the opportunity to take pictures of my family, of course, when we visited my brother-in-laws house. Most of the relatives where there as well but I couldn’t remember their names. Perhaps the medicine had a profound affect on my brain cells.

Below are some photos at my brother-in-laws house

Ee Ee sitting in a corner

Wei Han smiling for the camera

My brother-in-laws son, my nephew, Kayden.

My cousin-in-laws daughter…the oh so adorable Wei Jin. She has a natural ability to smile perfectly in front of the camera. Really photogenic Wei Jin is.

Group photo of the kids….

And finally one of my favorite photos…

“Mama…can I finish the beer for you ? Pretty please mama.”


4 thoughts on “CNY gathering at my Brother In-Law’s house

  1. Mb says:

    why all children? no sexy chic ah? heheh.. just kidding ah KF :-]

  2. chinkhimfoh says:


    Err…I wanted to take pics of some hot babes…but could find an excuse to sneak out of my brother-in-laws house with me wife lurking around.


  3. chinkhimfoh says:


    Sorry typo error…I meant to say “I couldn’t find an excuse”…hehehe

  4. Peeps says:

    Lame excuse….haha..

    bagus la..kecik sudah ajar minum bir..hahahha

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