Alone by myself

My wife left for Singapore on a two day work assignment starting today (Thursday) with her colleague. Though she will only be in Singapore for 2 days, I am beginning to miss her. I thought to myself, “Yeah baby!!!, I’ve got the whole house to myself!!” (kids with me mother-in-law), but I feel a sense of emptiness in me. I feel lonely.

Normally me wife and I would chat to each other whilst in bed every night before we go to sleep about work, kids and the usual events happening around the world. But for two consecutive nights, I’ve got no one to talk to. Ee Ee doesn’t talk much to me and Wei Han, well, he can’t speak at the moment but just baby talk which I can’t understand at all.

My wife is my companion and my soul mate. I just can’t imagine life without her. I thought I could, but in honesty, I can’t. I love her a lot….more than she knows.

Low Poh, please come back soon. I miss you very much.

Love you always and forever from your dear hubby.


One thought on “Alone by myself

  1. Mb says:

    oh… sweet… KF, sure u’ll get big rewarrdd if ur wife read tht. I wish I could have the same feeling as yours. Nice KF. :]

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