Sibling Rivalry

You know when Wei Han was born, I was scared that Ee Ee would get jealous and beat the heck out of him because of sibling rivalry. So far Ee Ee has not shown any symptoms of jealousy and I hope that it remains that way. But you know, one can never predict what’s gonna happen in the future but at the moment I am happy and relieved that Ee Ee has shown so much love to little brother, Wei Han. She evens helps mommy to change diapers and calms Wei Han down when he cries. So good of her to do that at such a young age (3+ years old)

(Ee Ee and Wei Han posing in front of the camera)

(Ee Ee giving a kiss on Wei Han’s cheek)

(I am a happy father at the moment)


One thought on “Sibling Rivalry

  1. Peeps says:

    dude..ur son looks exactly like you..oh man..abislah..2 khim foh in the nightmare comes to reality…hahahahha..

    just kidding..wei han hensem like father lah..but not as hensem like me la kan…hahaha!!

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