I’m off to school

Yeap, Ee Ee is ready to go to school, well pre-school to be precise. Mommy took this photo of Ee Ee, yesterday, wearing the pre-school uniform and carry a back pack with both hands holding onto lunch. You could see Ee Ee is very happy that Mommy is sending her to pre-school nearby Ah Mah’s house.

Looking at this photo of Ee Ee, I realize that she is growing up fast, pretty fast I must say.


2 thoughts on “I’m off to school

  1. jimon says:

    she has your smiles bro KF 🙂

  2. Pearl Goh says:

    Hi, Khim

    I am mother of 2, now stay at Bangi.

    I am going to send my 3 years old daughter to kindergarden next year. Now I am busy looking for school for her at Senenyih area…
    I hope I am not too late:-(

    I checked in google & accidently found your blog…very interesting blog & a hardworking mommy (updating blog:-)!

    In fact, I need your help – can I have Apple King Kindergarden tel or add?


    Pearl Goh

    p/s: I can’t find your email add; You may add me in the Facebook (my email add:pearlgoh@yahoo.com)

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