Asian Festival of Speed (AFOS) Event

A couple of Savvy owners from Savvy Owners Club (SAVOC) and I decided to attend this event held on May 6th (Sunday) to watch Formula BMWs, Porsche 911 Carrera and Formula Renault V6 racing around the Sepang F1 Circuit at insane speeds.

We all met at the designated meeting point in Petronas Station in Bangi. It was unfortunately a cold, wet and rainy Sunday, just like your typical British weather. However when we reached Sepang, it was hot and humid, just like your typical Malaysian weather. Luckily for me I drank plenty of water and boy it worked. I had to go to the bathroom more often than not.

Anyway, I had a blast at the AFOS event, even though the event wasn’t as glamorous when the F1 circus comes to town. I just loved seeing see them Porsche 911 Carrera tearing down the main straight. Took some photos as well.

It started out as a wet, cold and rainy journey to Sepang….

..luckily the Sun decided to come out and play…

…and made it easier for us to reach our destination

..we waited patiently for the tickets…

..and finally we’ve managed to get into the Grandstand parking area to park our rides..

We watched the Formula Asia BMW’s tearing down the main straight..

…unfortunately for this driver, his race ended on the 1st corner of the 1st lap…better luck next time dude..

The Porsche 911 Carrera Cup race was next….

After that, I got the opportunity to walk around the paddock/pit-late area.

(Hmmm…now..if my memory serves me right, this should go here, or should it go there ??)

A lovely raced prepared BMW 3 series…

(Hmmmm…let see…who shall I take out at the 1st corner….)

(Err..dude…I know you like me a lot, but this isn’t the right time for you to..umm..err…’feel me’)

(Where are them umbrella babes??)

What is AFOS without them AFOS babes….


2 thoughts on “Asian Festival of Speed (AFOS) Event

  1. Mb says:

    KF. Less skirts, Please. Good to hear u enjoyed the race. Many said it was boring. As for me it was adrenalin pumping session. The loud sounds, the drivers.. uuhh.. how I wish I am one of the team.

  2. Peeps says:

    hai yerrr…so boring one the i went la…

    MILAN!!! MILANN!!!

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