Put your foot in your mouth…

What does it mean ? Well below is the meaning of this idiom from http://www.goenglish.com/PutYourFootInYourMouth.asp

You “put your foot in your mouth” when you say something that makes a person feel embarrassed. Example: “Last night I was telling a joke, and I really put my foot in my mouth. I had no idea I was talking about Rob’s wife.” You can imagine how embarrassed you would feel and how funny you would look if you actually “put your foot in your mouth.” Example: “I am so embarrassed. Are you sure he could hear me when I was talking in the next room?” Reply: “Yes. You really put your foot in your mouth.” Note: The word “foot” is always singular when you say “foot in your mouth”. Example: “Let’s all be very careful what we say at the meeting tomorrow. I don’t want anyone putting their foot in their mouth.” When you say something which makes someone feel embarrassed or causes an embarrassing situation, you have “put your foot in your mouth.”

Wei Han has taken this idiom literally….


2 thoughts on “Put your foot in your mouth…

  1. Peeps says:

    hey…i like to do this a lot. thats y all frens became enemies with me…hahahahhahahahha…D’OH!!

  2. Mb says:

    eh y eh, no 1 bother to post about the FA cup…………!!! Hheheheheh

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