Endless babbling…

Wei Han has been getting pretty talkative, well I wouldn’t say talkative but more like babbling about anything and everything. I guess he is trying his earnest to tell us that he doesn’t like to

1. Take a bath – prefers to stink the whole day.
2. Drink Milk – prefers beer.
3. Change clothes – prefers a brand new of Armani shirts.
4. Be left unattended – prefers to be carried and cuddled by women with huge pair of assets.
5. Take rides in the car – prefers to fly first class.

It’s been going on like this for the past 3 months….well more likely the day he was born. He’s beginning to show to Mama and Papa his oral skills. Picking up new babbling skills at an alarming rate.

Last night, I finally found out from where he was learning to babble…

So its seems, when all of us were sleeping, Wei Han picked up one of them baby books and started learning the art of babbling. I finally caught him and from the looks of this photograph, Wei Han was trying his earnest to hide the book.


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