Papa, I wanna be like Lewis Hamilton….

I am an avid Formula 1 supporter eversince the late Aytron Senna drove for the JPS Lotus Renault way back in the mid eighties. His car control especially in the wet was out-of-this-world. His determination to win was clearly etched in his eyes and his ruthlessness on the track sent shivers down the spine of his fellow racers.

Now twenty years later, we get to see that same kind of determination and ruthlessness in the young Lewis Hamilton, a Mclaren F1 driver. Yes, Lewis is the real deal in my opinion and this is his 1st year in Formula. At just 22, Lewis had won 2 races, finished on podium in every race so far and is currently leading this year’s Formula 1 World Drivers Championship.

He is making this teammate, double world and reigning champion, Fernando Alonso, looking like an amateur. Bear in mind Alonso is just as good as Lewis, but Lewis is showing Alonso, the proper way to drive an F1 racing car.

I just can’t wait to see many more on track racing between Lewis and Fernando and Mclaren team boss, Ron Dennis wouldn’t mind either.

This has got me thinking quite a bit. Lewis had been racing at a very young age and he had plenty of moral support from his father, Anthony Hamilton. So I guess I better give the same kind of support to my kids and hope that one day, either Ee Ee or Wei Han or both gets the driving bug in them. For the moment, Ee Ee seems have an eye for racing as show in the image below.

You go girl…


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