Ee Ee’s day to shine

On Saturday, it was Ee Ee’s day to show off her athletic skills and Mom and Dad was there to witness this momentous occasion.

The sporting arena was held at the Petronas Training Centre Indoor Stadium in Bangi which wasn’t that far from our house. The stadium was packed with parents, kids and staffs from Apple King Kindergarten of Kajang and Semenyih.

Ee Ee participated in the Kangaroo hopping contest for her group whereby she had to hop on a inflatable ball-like kangaroo from one end to another and boy was she good. She liked it a lot, hopping up and down. For her effort, her group came in 2nd pace. Not bad, not bad at all.

Mom and Dad was extremely happy for her. Now perhaps Ee Ee wanna try her hand at football….

(Ee Ee waiting patiently for her turn…)

(and off she goes..)

(on her way back to hand over the ‘baton’ to her mates…)

(After a hard day kangaroo’s time to recharge with H20)

(A 2nd place trophy for all that kangaroo hopping)


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