It’s time to move on…

Well it’s finally time for me to move on in my career. After months of searching for a job, I finally landed a job position which has a better pay package, closer to my home and most of all offer fresh new challenges and not to mention the huge amount of responsibility waited on my shoulders.

I am a bit scared about the new job. Scared because its something which I am currently doing but on a much bigger scale. But I guess I have to try my utmost best to deliver the goods right the first time, on time.

I am some sort on a ‘gardening leave’ now. In fact my ex-employer told me to leave about 3 weeks ahead of my scheduled last day at work which was on the 14th of September. So today was my last day. I guess my ex-employer didn’t really need me anymore. I felt a bit strange as I felt there was still some loose ends to tie up. But I guess they felt it wasn’t necessary and so requested me to pack up my stuff and do the proper hand-over to an outsourced vendor company.

The extra week off is what I really need as it will allow me to reflect on what I had done and what I should have done better at my previous job. I always believe that the projects which I have proposed and implemented could be further improve upon, but it wasn’t meant to be as a certain director of the company decided to give me the ‘boot’.

Personally, I wasn’t too happy at the way I was ‘booted’ out. It left a bad taste in my mouth. In all my 15 years of working life, never had I felt so disgusted at the way I was treated. I never had the chance to say my good byes to my office colleagues which are the most cooperative bunch of people I have had the pleasure of working with. OK, some of them were a pain in the ass but hey, you can’t please everyone can you ? This particular director even had the audacity to tell me off by claiming he could have done this and that better. Oh well, I couldn’t give a rat’s ass anymore and if he can claim that he could do this and that better than me, then may god bless him.

In the meanwhile, I will sit back and relax and watch the world go by until I start my new job which hopefully I will succeed in delivering what they have employed me for.


One thought on “It’s time to move on…

  1. Aizan Suhaira says:

    I left my old company in not a very good way as well. Relationships more than deteriorated, work quality suffered…. I never felt so betrayed in my life. After years of hard work and dilligence they couldn’t give a flying f*ck about what’s going on inside my head.

    But heck, I have a better job with better pay now. So I ain’t complaining…

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