Merdeka !! Merdeka !! Merdeka !!

These were the three words shouted proudly by Malaysia’s 1st prime Minister, the late Tuanku Abdul Rahman proclaiming our independence from the British.

On 31st August 2007, Malaysia will be exactly 50 years old. So far we’ve been through the thick and the thin and will keep on moving forward.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish my fellow Malaysians, where ever you are, a



2 thoughts on “Merdeka !! Merdeka !! Merdeka !!

  1. Peeps says:

    merdeka kah kita ini sebenarnya? renungkanlah…

    congrats on ur new job bro! FUCK THE OLD EMPLOYEES!! they dont appreciate u so fuck them! hehehehahahha..!

  2. Khim Foh says:


    Well whether we are truly ‘Merdeka’ or not, I leave it to one’s imagination. There’s really no such thing as absolute freedom, sad but true.

    And yeah…I say ‘fuck them all’ to my ex-employer..hehehehehe…

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