Happy Birthday to me, happy birthday to me…

Yes…it’s that time of the year where I celebrate my birthday which happens to be today. I feel a year older and not necessarily a year wiser. Me wife bought me a birthday cake, specifically a banana cream cake from Secret Recipe chain of restaurants. My daughter, Ee Ee was so kind to me today and gave me a big hug,which by the way she rarely does, because all she wanted is to cut the cake and eat it.

Other than my birthday, Wei Han has been able to climb up without any of us to help do so. Quite a feat for this lad I must say. He is getting better at it as each day passes by and I for one is extremely happy about it. I just hope that I will be there to witness his first steps. Now that will be sight to behold. Also Ee Ee has been perfecting her hoo-la-hooping skills and she’s getting better all the time.

So I, well me wife managed to take some photographs of me, Ee Ee and Wei Han celebrating my 37th birthday. Hope you all like it.

(My 37th birthday cake)

(Me about to blow out the candle, but as usual Ee Ee beat me to it)

(and as usual, Ee Ee wants to help cut the cake…)

(yum-yum…the cake and this time, without Ee Ee helping to eat it for me)

(And..finally a photo of me with Wei Han who didn’t inherit much facial features from me. Looks more like Mommy don’t you think so?)

(Wei Han learning how to stand on his own…well with some help of course)

(This is how he does it)

(Ee Ee doing the hoo-la-hoop)


One thought on “Happy Birthday to me, happy birthday to me…

  1. Peeps says:

    happy belated birthday bitch!

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