Happy Birthday Wei Han!!!

Yep, Wei Han turned 1 year old on 25th November this year and for some reason, I was too lazy to post up pictures of his birthday party. I guess I am just too darn lazy. Anyway it wasn’t a party but just a dinner session with close families. Wei Han as any toddler didn’t have a clue of what was going on. I’d bet he was asking to himself,

“Why are there so many people loitering around the living room and stuffing themselves with food ?”
“Why am I being carried around and given a peck on the cheek so many times ?”
“Why must I blow out the candle?”
“Who is that old man with white hair making funny faces at me?”
“Where is mommy?”
“Where is my pacifier”
“When is mommy gonna feed me milk”
“Why is papa just sitting on the sofa and stuffing himself with food?”

That’s quite a lot of unanswered questions he’s got there. Don’t worry Wei Han, in due time, you’ll find all the answers. Take your sweet time son, you’ve got all the time in the world. Enjoy being a toddler.

(Wei Han’s birthday cake. Darn, it looks better than mine !!!)

(Kinda shy for a moment)

(But now he’s all warmed up)

(Wei Han following orders from Grandpa, or could it be the other way around)

(Wei Han’s ride…just need some bling-ed up rims…)


One thought on “Happy Birthday Wei Han!!!

  1. Peeps says:

    one more question you forgot..

    why wasnt i fucking invited to the party wehhhhhh!!???


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