In with the new, out with the old…

Yeap, it’s that time of the year when in about 7 hours time (Malaysian time) we usher in the new year. And it’s that time when we reflect on what we’ve done, should have done or shouldn’t have done for the past year.

For 2007, it’s be a kinda unexciting time for me personally. Besides finishing my MBA course and landing a new job which is by the way, pays better and its near to my home in Kajang, nothing else has happened to me on a personal level. My kids are growing up faster and smarter. My wife is getting prettier and prettier by the day – I am not saying that she wasn’t pretty in the first place, but I notice – well observing that she is more sexier in her own sweet way….

Things that I should have done, well….funnily enough, I can’t think of any at the moment.

Things that I shouldn’t have done, well there’s plenty of it. Like I shouldn’t have taken my own sweet time to finish the MBA course, I shouldn’t have raised my voice at my kids and at my wife – yes…I do have a temper and need to control it or else I risk losing my loved ones. I shouldn’t have been mean to my house maid. Yes, she can be a pain in the arse but I should be grateful to her for keeping our house in clean and pristine shape. I shouldn’t have continued smoking….yes..finally i admitted that I do occasionally smoke when I am in stress. Bad excuse for smoking just because one is stressed out, I know which is why I have to give it up for the sake of my health and for the sake of my loved ones and the people around me. How I wish some ‘kedai runcit’ sells wax gum which I can chew on endlessly, but for now I rely on endless sticks of Wrigley’s chewing gum…

So, how have you done in 2007 if I may ask ?


2 thoughts on “In with the new, out with the old…

  1. Aizan Suhaira says:

    2007… hmm. Not a very good year for me unfortunately. Went crazy, quit my job, but all things are not lost though.

    Got a better job with waayyy better pay and benefits. Gained very good friends and increased my network of ‘work-related people.’ It always helps to build rapport with as many people as possible.

    Anyway KF, all the best in curbing your temper. I guess it’ll be a lifelong battle for the both of us.

  2. Faisal says:

    Dude, the first step is always to realize your mistakes. Being able to realize you are bad tempered and you made a conscience decision to improve is definitely an excellent step to success

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