6 glorious and wonderful years!!!!!!!!!

Today is a special day for my wife and I as today was the day we were officially and lawfully married six years ago. Yes, we signed on the dotted line on 20-02-2002 and got our marriage certificate within a week or so I think. At first I thought to myself, ‘Hey, getting married wasn’t that difficult after all’. Boy was I wrong. There’s a lot of sacrifice to made and compromise is the operative word in order for a long and happy marriage.

Within the six years of marriage, we were blessed with two beautiful children of our own, Shyn Ee was born on 3rd November 2003 and Wei Han was born 25th November 2006 and you wanna know what…my wife was born on 15th November !!!! Hence November is a month where my wallet feels lighter….my bank account almost zilch…

For me being a husband to a wonderful and loving wife and being a father of two adorable kids is simply marvelous and I feel blessed. There’s no words to describe how I feel at the moment.

I haven’t thought of how to celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary – in fact previous wedding anniversaries both of us never did celebrate about it. So I guess its time for me to think of something special to celebrate this momentous occasion.

So now I am thinking…………………………………thinking……………..still thinking……….aiyah……forget it lah….no need to think………

To my dearest wife…..



(next year I’ll think of something……………I promise…….wei..don’t laugh lah…really I’ll think of something…honest….see!!! you laughing at me again…please lah…believe me lah….)


3 thoughts on “6 glorious and wonderful years!!!!!!!!!

  1. Aizan Suhaira says:

    I just noticed u put a link to my blog when the comment window popped up!

    Anyway, congratulations on your 6th year anniversary.

    I can’t even grasp the concept of seeing the same person for more than a month, let alone being married to one for 6 years.

    It’s a fantastic achievement in my books.

    I suggest u campak the kids to the babysitter (or your parents place or the in-law’s place) for the weekend and spend some time alone with your wife.

  2. Khim Foh says:


    Buwahahahahahaha..tell me about it..seeing the same person every day for the rest of my entire life….it’s kinda scary lah.

    I campak my kids to my mother-in-law place from Mondays to Fridays…so I and my wife can err…you know…”be alone together”..*wink-wink…

  3. Peeps says:

    hahahahahhahahahahhahahahaha and congratulations bro!

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