It’s K H I M and not K I M lah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why is it so difficult for people to either pronounce or spell my name correctly ?

Chin Khim Foh

My surname, Chin, is relatively easy to pronounce and spell. But most of the time people mis-pronounce my middle name, Khim, which the correct pronunciation is ‘kheem’ as ‘keem’…I hate it when they do that…it irks me to death…it makes me makes me fuming mad.

Not only that at times they (I shall not mention their names) conveniently misspell my middle name Khim as Kim!!!! and this is after I wrote my name correctly in a form.

So my question to you all is, have you ever encounter such incidents where people, be it your friends or colleagues either mispronounced or mis-spelled your name countless times ?


2 thoughts on “It’s K H I M and not K I M lah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Aizan Suhaira says:

    Aaahhh… the mispronounciation issue. I’m always the victim as well…

    Susah sgt ke nak sebut Aizan Suhaira?

    The keep on saying Azian Shuhaira… WTF???????????

    Pisses me off…

    Especially those telemarketer idiots…

    They call and the conversation will go like this:

    Telemarketer: Hello, can I speak to Miss Azian Shuhaira please?

    Aizan: It’s Ai – zan Su – hai- ra

    Telemarketer: Yes, Miss Azian Shuhaira, I’m calling on behalf of ABC Corp…

    Aizan: Put down the phone

  2. mr dx says:

    hi bro KF! got ur blog from i have a similar encounter to yours. my full name’s mohd azmir mohd jani..and when I went to UK to further my studies, countless of times I had to make them understand that Mohd is a short form of Mohamed…

    they pronounced it as Mode. -___-;

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