The Renault Kangoo….

I’ve been eying on this Renault Kangoo for a very long time even before I bought my Savvy. The thing I like about the Kangoo or affectionally known as ‘Goo’ is the acres of space. I mean you can fit a baby elephant comfortably into this minivan. The design of the ‘Goo’ may be offensive to some…but heck…beauty is in the eye’s of the beholder and to me the ‘Goo’ looks cute without being offensive. It’s has sliding rear passenger doors, left and righ. Some versions came with airplane style overhead stowage compartments. Now that’s practicality for you and man I could stash a pile of stuffs in the ‘Goo’.

Also recently, our local distributor TC Eurocars had unveiled the diesel version of the ‘Goo’ which I reckon it’s a wise move. Why ? diesel engines are very economical to run compared to petrol engines and modern diesel engines have plenty of low-end torque. Too bad though, the diesel ‘Goo’ is only meant for commercial registration…bummer…

But what put me off was not of the price but the recent discontinuation of the manual gearbox version. For some odd reason, but I reckon due to market preference, TC Eurocars, had decided to only sell the Kangoo with an automatic transmission. Now I am not against automatics but I don’t quite rate the French as being experts in design automatic gearboxes as compared to the Japanese. Regards to serviceability, I reckon there’s plenty of mechanics who may not speak french but sure know who to troubleshoot a problematic french gal…he he he..

Viva la France…

The current version of the ‘Goo’…

The new ‘Goo’


3 thoughts on “The Renault Kangoo….

  1. Aizan Suhaira says:

    I heard the Goo has a lot of problems. And not easy to ‘dispose’ of once u decide to get another model.

  2. Peeps says:

    Hei Kim…hahahhahahahahhaha

    i oso like this car but i dont trust the french and oso malaysian. so fuck it..hahahahhahah..i was planning for my own version of BANG BUS with this kangoo tapi budget tak cukup la..hahahahhahaha…

    why the new kangoo looks funny ah? i like the older version better la.

    ok chow kim!

    ps: try having rofizan for a name. ROSFIZAN? ROTIZAN? RAFIZAN? RAFIZAM? WTF???

  3. chee1989 says:

    haha. Kangoo nice lah. but i didnt want it cos the back no aircond.. so not really that pratical. haha

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