What a week….!!!

Boy, it’s been almost a month since I last blogged about something under the sun. A couple of work related stuffs over the days has made me kinda cheesed off. Like when management decided to retract back my increment which I really really really really really really really need. I mean that increment could have help me financially but I guess I have to wait till management does some sort of a proper renumeration review…bummer.

Yesterday night, an incident occured in the office but luckily it was caught on the office CCTV system. Got a call from my colleagues at 12.45am when I was fast asleep and the best part was, I had to rush to the office to shall I say, do some ‘video editing’. Reached back home at around 5.45am when almost every Malaysian was about to wake up and go for work. I slept only for about 4 hours and had drag myself out of bed to go to work…again…bummer…What to do, I am the only person in my department..sort of a one-man show lah.

I am very exhausted and in need of sleep. I love to sleep more than I love to eat but when it comes to making love, well I can be a maniac.

The last time I had to worked until the wee hours in the morning was about 13 years back during my software development days. I mean I could sit in front of a computer and churn out programming codes like nobody’s business. It was quite fun actually until I just got tired of it. I guess it was time for me to move on..well move up the corporate ladder. I mean I can’t be a computer programmer for the rest of my life…that would be suicidal…not that I am against it but I can’t image myself in my 40’s sitting in front of a computer 24/7 churning out codes. I ain’t that type of person.

Anyway, I hope that I don’t have to come back to office in the wee hours in the morning ever again. It’s not worth it…it sucks…it deprives me of my sleep and I never ever want to look like I got ‘panda eyes’ as it ain’t cool..it ain’t hip, it ain’t happening…it ain’t me…

Panda's eyes


2 thoughts on “What a week….!!!

  1. Peeps says:

    mari keje advertising..hari hari balik pukul 5 datang keje balik pukul 10..hahahahahhahaha..

    damn the company!! give my buddy his increment so he can belanja me satay!!!!!!! bitch!!!

  2. aedie azrul says:

    advertising n printing almost the same la.People in advertising do job in wee hours.We the printer also have to stay wait for them to settle..Then later they go back to sleep.we still stay for final edit n check proof.what a world…

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