Wah…so big ah this playground!!!!

These were the words which came to my mind when I saw how huge the playground in Taman Tasik Perdana, Kuala Lumpur was.

Last Saturday, I decided to bring my family (Ee Ee and Wei Han, me wife and me maid) to Taman Tasik Perdana, Kuala Lumpur because :-

  1. I was bored to death at home.
  2. Window shopping at shopping complexes ain’t fun anymore.
  3. My kids are playground addicts.
  4. I wanted to polish my photography skills

So off we went, crammed into my budget, compact, city car to Taman Tasik Perdana. The journey took only 30minutes – yep 30 minutes from Kajang to KL – on a weekend some more.

The layout of the playground site was quite impressive to say the least and it was properly thought of and constructed. Each playground site had it’s own theme and each site was either located close by or was linked via a scaled down model of suspension bridge !!!..so cool !!! There were plenty of tunnel slides (some were shaped at awesome angles), see-saws, swings and what not.

Ee Ee who was being accompanied by my maid rush to the playground, went to all the playground sites and boy was she happy, smiling and laughing all the way. Wei Han was in his element. I mean he literally went bonkers!!!! He couldn’t contain his excitement any longer and wanted to come down from mommy’s arms. And once he was on the ground, he ran like a crazed deranged toddler. Mommy couldn’t catch up with him and neither could I.

Overall, we were happy at least the kids were. Mommy was exhausted as she had to keep up with Wei Han but she was in her element, making sure two kids drank plenty of water, wiping off their sweats….the usual mommy work. I, on the other hand, was simply enjoying every moment with my family. It was so heart-warming to see Ee Ee and Wei Han, running around, playing, laughing – basically having the time of their lives. 🙂

Photos will be uploaded shortly…;)

Ee Ee and the maid rushing towards the playground site.

This playground theme is huge !!!

The mini suspension bridge which connects one playground to another.

The Shoe

Ee Ee making her way to the another playground site

Wei Han can’t decide on which playground he wants..

..and when he did decide, he doesn’t know what to do.. 😉

..after playing under the hot late afternoon sun, it’s time to cool down … 😉


One thought on “Wah…so big ah this playground!!!!

  1. Aizan says:

    I remember those days when we were kids. Dad took us to Taman Istana in JB every weekend and we had such a fun time running around, playing with our 50 sen kites and RM1 gliders (shaped like birds and aeroplanes).

    Then at the end of the day we get to enjoy our Ice Creams, just like the one Ee Ee was enjoying.

    Yeah, those were the days.

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