I am bored!!!!

It’s been exactly 10 months that I have been working for this new company and personally, I think it has been a big waste of my frigging time. No doubt the pay is good, the work is just plain boring. There’s nothing much to do but to :-

  1. Sit in front of the computer reading online articles latest happenings in the IT world – especially on internet and networking security and the latest development of WIMAX.
  2. Writing and revising SOPS (Standard Operating Procedures).
  3. Conduct hourly checks on my computer servers so that it won’t go nuts on me.
  4. having meaningful chat sessions with my office colleagues – well more like gossiping lah πŸ˜‰
  5. Occasional digging for gold πŸ˜‰

Yes folks – it’s that frigging boring 😦  Then some of you may say “Aiyoh..liddat..find another job loh”. Yeah right!!! How I wish it was that easy to find another job. I ain’t getting any younger and IT jobs are hard to come by nowadays – well there’s plenty of IT jobs out there but whether they are willing to pay your salary that you want it’s another thing all together.

But the first few months joining this new setup was hectic and exciting. I mean as an person in charge of the company’s IT infrastructure, I had to help set it from the ground up. But I could not have done it all by myself without the help of our IT vendors and in all honestly they did one heck of a job. I had tons of fun during the first few months on the job, learning all the tricks from the IT Vendors.

Time flies oh so slowly when you’ve got nothing much to do – or you’ve got nothing challenging to do. Yes, I am that type of person. I need something to keep my brain cells from dying on me. So to keep my brain cells from dying on me, I am gonna think of something to keep my mind occupied during the time when I’ve got nothing much to do during office hours. Gimme some time to think ya πŸ˜‰


One thought on “I am bored!!!!

  1. Aizan says:

    Well hey, we are facing the exact same situation. Good money but boring job.

    My suggestion is, compensate your boring worklife with an interesting personal life.

    Spend more time with the wife and kids.

    Spend more time with the good people of Savoc.

    Do whatever with your new found extra time.

    That’s what I did, and I am happy to report that I’ve been having a wonderful time.

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