It’s finally done and only in 6 hours…

Boy oh boy oh boy oh boy. I never knew house work could take that long !!!! 😉

For only one day – thank god lah , I had to do whatever it takes to make my humble home as squeaky clean as possible. Which means I had to : –

  1. Sweep and mop all the floors.
  2. Wash all the floor mats by hand (me wife does not permit the use of washing machine except for only clothes).
  3. Change all the bedding sets – well only one for the bed in the master bedroom.
  4. Wipe clean all the tables, cabinets, cupboards.
  5. Wash (well it was done by the washing machine) and hang the clothes.

And I did all those in only 6 hours…I should give myself a pat on the back. But I reckon I could have done it in under 3 hours had I not stop and sat down to watch the telly. 😉 I even think I’ve done a much better job at cleaning the house than my maid. But then she had to do the ironing and occasional cooking as well.

Now some of you may ask, “Eh, why all of the sudden you wanna play housewife ?” Well it’s not that I wanna play housewife, is more like I had to be a housewife for a day because my wife was away over the weekend attending a training session conducted by her company somewhere in place called Janda Baik. Not sure where this place is but she told me it’s near Genting Highlands lah.

My two young kids and my maid who normally be in our house over the weekend was at my mother-in-laws house. So I had the unfortunate duty of cleaning the house loh.

If you ask me to do it every weekend – housework that is, I wouldn’t wanna do it because it’s quite tiring and my back aches from all that mopping.

I am glad that my maid will be taking over the cleaning duties 😉


3 thoughts on “It’s finally done and only in 6 hours…

  1. Aizan says:

    Wahhhh…. I thought these type of men don’t exist. Untunglah your wife…

    On another note, I went to Janda Baik for training a few times. It’s a beautiful place but it’s right smack in the middle of nowhere.

  2. peeps says:

    i hope u didnt clean ur house naked la dude..seeing that u were alone…hahahahahahahah…

  3. Alia says:

    my dad used to clean the house all the time. i guess he does it even till now, i am not too sure.

    neways, clap clap for you….

    just take it as another workout eh? burn the cals!! ehhhe

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