Papa…I got something for you…

That was what Ee Ee happily said to me as I was just in front of the main door entrance of my mother in laws house about to go in. She was at the dining room area and rushed towards me holding something in her small hands trying her best to conceal it from me. As I stepped through the main door, Ee Ee, wearing the biggest smile I’ve ever seen, dished out the something she was trying her best to conceal it. I took a look and couldn’t contain my surprise. My heart just totally melted.

Ee Ee made me a Father’s Day present. At first I couldn’t decipher or tell what was the present she made for me. So I asked her: –

Me : What is it Ee Ee ?
Ee Ee : It’s orange in colour Papa…and it got err..

Me : I know..its orange in colour..but what is it ?
Ee Ee : Teacher told us to make it for Father Day..

Me : Okay, but what is it ?
Ee Ee : It made of toilet paper….

Me : Is it ?? Hmmm…I didn’t know woh.. πŸ˜‰

Ee Ee : You like ah Papa ?
Me: Yes I do.. πŸ™‚

Finally I found out that what Ee Ee made for me for Father’s Day is a pencil holder made out of toilet paper roll coloured in bright orange. I just love it like how I love Ee Ee.

So for you father’s out there..



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