There seems to be a trend…

..among local English radio stations to pose question to its listeners about human relationship.  I give you some examples of such a question..

  1. “What would you do if you caught your girlfriend or wife cheating on you ?”
  2. “Do you mind if your boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband still keeps in touch or are still friends with their ex-girlfriend/boyfriend” ?
  3. “Is your wife/husband suspicious of you keeping in touch with your ex girlfriend/boyfriend? “

Now to me, as a husband and a father, these type of question is oh so trivial, so out-of-date, so ‘so what ?’. To me it’s the norm for me keeping in touch with my ex-girlfriend. It’s normal for my wife to be suspcious of me if my ex-girlfriend calls me. What is the big fuss ???? We live in modern times where it’s normal to have relationships with other than our current partners. Relationship here means a healthy relationship not an erotic one lah wei.

Why can’t radio stations poses more meaningful or thought provocative questions ??

What is your opinion about recycling in Malaysia? Do you think the Government has done enough to promote the recycling habit amongst the Rakyat?


Do you think is wise for the Government to spend a sizeable amount of money to send a Malaysian to space?

These are the type of questions that keep me glued to the radio by just listening to the views and opinions of the listeners who answer these type of questions. To me it’s more enjoyable than just listening to people give their views about broken hearts, cheating partners and what not.

So as a reader of this blog…what do you think ?


One thought on “There seems to be a trend…

  1. Aizan says:

    Alas, while I am sure there are many Malaysians out there such as you and me who do think about more ‘serious’ stuff like ‘how can we lower our fuel consumption, have a better performing car and make mother earth a greener place all at the same time’… people find these questions oh so serious and gloomy.

    They’d rather hear about the day the girlfriend was caught in a bed with another girlfriend and other entertaining stuff…

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