Go Nippon Go !!!

Today me wife wanted to have lunch with me at a Japanese restaurant and since both of us are on leave and she insist on paying for it, I agree to it loh and oh by the way, it was my birthday lunch treat.

Anyway, the restaurant named Miyagi Japanese Restaurant is located in Bandar Baru Bangi and according to me wife, this restaurant had been in business for over a decade. The main entrance mimics exactly of a typical Japanese restaurant, i.e the main entrance is bascially comprises of two sliding wooden doors. Once you’ve stepped in, you’re greeting with a typical Japanese styled layout. There’s the so called sushi bar without the sushi, there’s a typical japanese furniture, there are Japanese kanji writings all over the place, there’s bamboo sticks on the ceiling. Basically the owner did her best to bring Japan to Bangi..ha ha ha..

The food, well, it’s quite tasty in my opinion. Both of us had the California Rolls as the appetizier and for the main course, I ordered the Beef with teriyaki sauce set and me wife ordered some fish with teriyaki sauce set but her’s came with garlic rice whereas mine came with them sticky Japanese rice. I finished my lunch in about 20 minutes since I was very hungry whereas my wife took her own sweet time enjoying her lunch.

I managed to take some pictures of the place via my Samsung i600 mobile phone hence the pics may not be of real camera quality lah…

Inside the Restaurant

This is what I ate for lunch…

The ambieance of the restaurant..very Japanese I must say..

The ceiling with a wood structure and some bamboo sticks piled on it..

The address of Miyagi Restaurant..just use Google Earth to find the exact location.


3 thoughts on “Go Nippon Go !!!

  1. peeps says:

    bro…this place halal ah?

  2. Khim Foh says:

    Peeps – I think so because there were Muslim chefs preparing the food.

  3. 6darjah says:

    aiyah, cannot count like that, many bartender also muslim

    -hepi birthday tai ko!-


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