Having fun under the sun…

Just came back from a two day one night holiday trip in Port Dickson with my kids, wife and mother-in-law. Our stay at the Avillion Beach Resort Port Dickson was absolutely great.  Though our holiday was quite short, my two munchkins had a blast playing endlessly on the beach and in the kiddie pool in the beach resort, so much so that both of them did not want to go back!!! I don’t blame theme either since the weather, though hot wasn’t that humid was great plus there was so much activities in the beach resort to keep them occupied.

I have two gripes about this beach resort i.e the car park facilities and the food. The parking for guests is somewhat absurd as the parking lot is located on the other side of the road. One has to cross the busy road to get back to the hotel lobby. The food kinda sucked especially dinner. The buffet style dinner was quite appalling –  very limited buffet spread , not tasty and at RM68++ per head, it wasn’t value for my money. Same goes for breakfast, very little to choose from but since it’s part of the package, I can’t complain.

Overall I enjoyed myself and so to my two little munchkins, my wife and my mother-in-law and oh, managed to take some photos…


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