It’s been….

..3 months since I last smoked a cigarette. Yes, I am trying my best to kick the habit. I am not a chain smoker – smoking a pack a day, I am more of a casual smoker and a pack of 20 sticks can last me about 4 days. The reason why I kicked the habit is because getting expensive to smoke – a pack of Dunhill cost RM9.00 and besides, cigarette smoking is detrimental to one’s lungs.

To kick this habit is kinda hard. I mean the temptation to smoke a fag is still there but I manage to suppress this deadly urge. How ? you may ask. Simple. I substitute this urge to smoke by drinking coffee. I love coffee – no not that 3-in-1instant coffee in a sachet but the one which you have to mix is with sugar and creamer. I normally pour about two tablespoons of ground coffee powder into my cup and 1 teaspoon of sugar and creamer respectively. I just love the coffee powder. The smell can make one feel perky. Yes, now I am addicted to caffeine –  another deadly addicted and I notice that I can drink up to 6 cups of coffee a day. I need to drink coffee after every meal. Even before I go to sleep at night, I need my cuppa. My wife notices my coffee addiction and has been reminding me to cut down on my caffeine intake. I told her at least it beats polluting my lungs but she reluctantly agrees as always.

Funny how one bad habit can be easily subsituted by another equally bad habit….hmmmmmm…


2 thoughts on “It’s been….

  1. Aizan says:

    I’m cutting down from buying 20-sticks pack to 14-sticks pack twice a week.

    I’m not addicted, actually. Went back to JB and didn’t smoke throughout the 7-days without me growing horns or sneaking cigarette breaks.

    More of a social smoker… I smoke more when I go out clubbing though.

  2. peeps says:

    im addicted to

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