Over the weekend…Part II

..this is the PART II of my maid episode and you can read Part I.

So where were we ? ..Oh ya…so after our chat with the cute and young lady doctor and paid the deposit, we went back home to prepare to go to work – it was about 7.00am by then. In the afternoon my wife got a call from Hospital Kajang saying that the doctor (this time not the cute and young lady doctor) reported that the main cause of her stomach pain was a severe bout of GASTRIC. As for the bout of fits part, the doctor wants to carry out a CT scan procedure on my maid to ascertain whether she her brain is okay or not. The procedure cost an additional RM500. My wife upon hearing the price almost fainted and lamented to me that this maid is quite expensive to maintain woh….

We came to a decision that the CT scan should be postponed because the FOMENA medical check-up report of my maid stated that there was no case of bout of fits. So we told the good doctor to decline the procedure.

So on Friday night, I had to mop the downstairs floor and wash the clothes and went to sleep feeling so exhausted. On Saturday morning, we went to Hospital Kajang to see if our maid could be discharged. The doctor told us that she can be discharge but if she has another bout of the fits after leaving the hospital premises, the hospital is not liable for anything. We had no choice, took the risk that she won’t go bonkers on us and this decision almost proved fatal.

Once we got back to our house, we told her go to her room upstairs to take a hot shower and take a rest until she feels better – we told her to take it easy. After taking the shower and putting on new clothes, our maid sat on the floor looking a bit dazed. She didn’t want sleep or perhaps she didn’t felt sleepy. My mother-in-law who by the way was at our house looking after our two munchkins came upstairs and sort of gave her a lecture on eating on time as GASTRIC isn’t good for the body system.

Now my mother-in-law has somewhat of a dislike for those who do not follow her instructions and those who talk back at her and this maid of ours has done both on several occasions. Our maid had been taking food from neighbors behind my mother-in-laws back. So much so that the rumor has spread throughout the neighborhood that our maid is starving to death and that my mother-in-law doesn’t give her food to eat. In fact whilst we (me, me wife, two munchkins and mother-in-law) in Avillion Beach Resort in Port Dickson, our maid left my mother-in-laws house for quite a long while and asked for food from neighbours. How we knew, our family friend was around at the time. This go my mother-in-law mad as hell as anything could happen to her. We always ensure there’s food on my maid’s plate. We always told her that if she wants to take food from the dinner table or snacks from the kitchen cupboard, tell us beforehand. In addition my mother-in-law always tell my maid to eat on time but my maid either refuses to listen or is just being over-confident that her stomach is okay. I guess this GASTRIC episode of her’s proved right that one must eat on time.

So as my mother-in-law was giving the maid an earful, my maid suddenly fainted.!!! Again!!! I said to myself…“OH NO NOT AGAIN!!!” , “AIYAH!!…WE SHOULD HAVE TAKEN THE DOCTOR’S ADVICE”. I then carried my maid over to her bed, opened the windows and switched on the stand fan to circulate much needed air. Few seconds later, the body shivering, head movement, arms tensed, moaning episode started again!!!! I couldn’t believe it but at least I was calm and not about freak out as before. She was then murmuring something about someone. I told her to calm down and repeat what she said. She then told me that …“sir….tolong…tolong..saya…dirusuk..oleh Ah Mah (Mother-in-law)”..(sir please help me, I am being posssed by Ah Ma (mother-in-law)). I then told her to remain calm and there’s nothing to be worried about. She then said…“Ah Ma….ada di sini!!!…saya takuuuut sir..saya takuuut sir” (Ah Ma is still hear…I am scared sir). I then held her hands firmly and told her that Ah Ma is not around and went back home – which isn’t true lah as Ah Ma was playing with the kids just in the next room. I told my mother-in-law to bring the kids downstairs as I try to settle this drama once and for all.

My maid kept on shivering and moaning loudly until the point that she grasp my right palm with so much force that I almost cried in pain. Suddenly she let go of palm and went to a deep sleep. I thought she was dead!!!…but then I notice she was still breathing and felt relieved. About ten minutes later, my maid woke up, shaken but awake and started to talk to me again. She told me that she has been traumatized by my mother-in-law. That my mother-in-law is a bad and evil person which is utterly untrue

This is interesting part. She confess to me that a month ago she almost ran away from my mother-in-laws house whilst my mother-in-law was away at the time. She aborted her attempted ‘escape’ because she didn’t know where to go. She confessed to me that she didn’t want to work here because she isn’t used to working as a maid.

I wasn’t surprised upon hearing her confession because I knew from the beginning that she isn’t used to the demands of working as a maid. I was angry that she had to revert to acting as if she has some kind of fits or seizures just to not work for us anymore. I wish she should have just told us instead of making us go through this dramatic episode over the past weekend.

This is all an act. Just an act. But she did have a severe case of gastric that I can confirm. However the bout of fits and seizure is just plain acting. Pure bullshit to me. Utterly disgusting in my opinion that she had to resort to this.

I had enough of this and instructed my wife to call the doctor to come our house can look at my maid’s gastric problem. But in truth I told my wife to call the maid agent to take this maid away from our house because we had enough of her. And so about 3 hours later the maid agent came and you know what ? Our maid suddenly was well again i.e no more seizures or bouts of fits. As the maid went along with the agent, she thank my wife and I for being understanding and apologized for all the wrong things she had done to us and we being a good Samaritan accepted her apology.

I never understood why she had to do what she did – making us fearing for her life. I really thought she was going to die having those bouts of fits and seizures whilst she was grasping and clinging onto my hand. The fear of someone dying right in front of your eyes is something which no one should go through. How I wish she could have told us in a less dramatic fashion.

Right now, my back, legs and arms are aching from all that sweeping, mopping, washing, ironing. It’s not easy being a maid – that I must admit.


One thought on “Over the weekend…Part II

  1. Aizan says:

    You know what, I think the antics from maids are getting more and more out of control these days.

    The thing with these people is that if we give them an inch, they want a mile. And when we are strict with them, they complain that Malaysians are bossy, cruel, bla bla bla…

    At the end of the day, we are all humans. If you treat us with respect, and recognize that you are the employee and we, the employer… I’ll bet there won’t be so many cases of ‘maid abuse’.

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