Over the weekend…Part I

…was a real drama for me and my wife.

It all started on early Friday morning around 5.30am when my wife got a called from her mother stating that the maid fainted after complaints of stomach pains. Both of us got dress and rushed back to mother-in-laws house which is only 10 minutes away.

Once we got there, I saw my maid slumped against the kitchen cabinet sink. We checked her pulse and breath a sigh of relief that she was still breathing. It was as if she was in a deep sleep. Fearing the worst, my wife called for an ambulance from Hospital Kajang. I and mother-in-law then carried the maid over to the living room sofa and that’s when the freaking episode happened. My maid suddenly shivered profusely – her arms tensed up, her head was moving from left to right continuously and there was a slight moaning. I almost peed in my pants!!!! I thought she was possessed or something and I didn’t know what to do.

I then tried to ‘wake her up’ by slapping her face but didn’t find any demons exiting her body. Then all of a sudden, she stopped shivering. I wasn’t sure whether the my slapping of her face did the trick but as least the body shivering stopped. So as I thought when suddenly the whole body shivering, head moving, moaning episode started all over again !!!! “OMG what’s going on here ??!!!” I said to myself. My wife and mother-in-law was stunned and scared stiffed and so was I!!! We all didn’t know what else to do. Then the ambulance came and not a minute too soon. The ambulance staff came and asked us what happened and we relayed the scary episode to him and judging from his face he didn’t looked to surprised. Our maid was then hoisted up the mobile bed and brought into the ambulance. My wife and I followed the ambulance in my wife’s car and about 10 minutes we reached Hospital Kajang. My maid was admitted to the emergency ward and immediately the nurses and a lady doctor (young and cute I must say) there put her on the ‘Drip’. Later when things calm down, the young and cute lady doctor asked us what had happened and again we relayed the story. I specifically told the doctor that she may be having the ‘fits’ but the doctor said that it’s difficult for her to ascertain my opinion as she has yet to see if my maid got into bout of ‘fits’. Then all of a sudden…my maid started the body shivering, head moving, moaning episode again. I then told the cute and young lady doctor..”See, she is going into a fit lah”. The cute and young lady doctor looking a bit suspicious and told me…”Hmmm…I don’t think that’s a bout of fits…there’s something else…”

The cute and young lady doctor then told us that my maid needs to stay overnight for further observation. We then proceed to check her in and paid a whopping RM400 (as a deposit – minus prescriptions if any) for the overnight stay. The doctor then told us to come over tomorrow during visiting hours to get the full details after the precautionary checks.

More to continue in Part II


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