It was raining…

..cats and dogs yesterday night from 6.30pm till 8.30pm. I was on my way back home from KLIA and was driving along the Dengkil-Putrajaya stretch of road and noticed that the sky very dark. The rain started to pour almost immediately and I could hardly see the car in front of me!!! I had a hard time concentrating with the lighting flash once every 5 minutes. Further to that for some odd reason I was feeling sleepy and I had to slap my face a couple of times just to stay awake.

Heavy downpour along the Putrajaya - Bangi/Kajang stretch

When I reached Kajang there was rain water everywhere. There’s a stretch of road whereby it was notorious for retaining rain water and that was flooded quite badly and so I had to use a short-cut to my Mother-in-laws house. As I stopped at the traffic light to turn right, my small car – a Proton Savvy to be precise – was bombarded with rain water from on coming cars , buses and lorries from the opposite side of the road !!! So much so that the car started to make funny squealing noise which I suspect it from the air cond and fan belt. I wanted the traffic light to quickly turn green so to make that right turn as I don’t to face the possibility that my car could stall and thus have to push it to one side under the pouring rain. Luckily luck was on my side and the light turn green and I put the pedal to the metal. But as approach this short-cut road, I notice cars coming from opposite direction high-beamed at me constantly. At first I never took notice of it but when I approached this short-cut, man I was in for a surprise. It was flooded as well but not entire the stretch as only the beginning and the middle part of it was flooded. Furthermore it wasn’t actually flooded – more like half a feet deep only. So I took a deep breath, made sure there wasn’t any oncoming car, switched off my car’s air-cond and gunned the accelerator hoping that my small car could make it through safely. Boy oh boy oh boy half way through crossing the ‘Red Sea’, the short cut was immered in rain water deeper than I thought but I had no choice as I couldn’t stop and if I’d did that will spell the end of my car and besides it would be embrassing and my confidence as a season driver would take a severe beating on my ego. I maintain a slow speed at around 15km/h and only staying in 1st gear but suddenly the car was about to stall!!! I said “OH NO!!!!! NOT NOW LAH WEI…C’MON BABY YOU CAN MAKE IT…DON’T GIVE UP ON ME NOW!!!” . So I stepped the accelerator harder to keep up the revs and voila!!! we made it through!!!. Phew my heart almost sank and I was sweating all over. I was so happy I made it that I banged the steering wheel in sheer delight and relief. My car then started to my funny noises but after for a while those funny noises stopped. I had to park my car quite a distance from my Mother-in-laws house because her house in fact all of the houses in that street was flooded as well – almost of knee deep in rain water. Her living room was flooded but luckily the kitchen and the dining area was spared because it is a two level floor house – meaning the living room area is lower than the kitchen and dinning area. Once the water subsided I and my brother in law helped clean the living room area and the front porch.

Living room flooded

Living room flooded

Car porch flooded.

Car porch flooded.

The water took quite a awful long time to subside due to ongoing road and irrigation works just up the road and I think the Sungai Langat overflowed as well. I think during the fasting month, the basement carparkand ground floor of Plaza Metro Kajang was flooded due to overflowing water from Sungai Langat and this was partly due to very heavy rain for about 3 hours.

I just hope the relevant government agencies and especially the local municipality take a look into this flood issue seriously and come up with a practical and cost effective flooded mitigation plan. If not, I shudder to think what could happen to Kajang town in 10 years time…


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