Yesterday me, me wife and me daughter went to GSC Mid Valley Megamall cinema to see the computer animated Walt Disney movie title “Bolt”. Basically it’s a move about a dog named Bolt, who happens to be a white german shepard, who got lost and is trying his find his way back to his owner. A simple storyline but there are some twists here and there which I shall not reveal too much.

My wife suggested that we watch this movie with Ee Ee, my five year old daughter and since I got nothing else better to do I might as well tag along since I bought the tickets to the movie in advance. The cinema surprisingly was not packed at all given the school holidays. I mean I expected to see kids being the main audience of this movie but surprisingly there were some grown ups watching the movie as well.

The movie in my opinion was good – family wholesome good. However my daughter did not understand what was the movie about. To her it’s just about a dog – that’s it. That’s what she told me. It’s just about a white dog running around. I personally enjoyed watching the movie. It was a barrel of laughs especially the chemistry between the Bolt, Mittens – the alley cat and Rhino – the movie fat hamster. I just couldn’t stop laughing but at the same time I did shed a tear or two during those heart-wrenching momenths.

But this movie as most movies is conveying a  message to it’s audience and this movie it’s to never give up hope no matter what. This is what we should always have in our mind – To Never Give up.


19 thoughts on “Bolt!!!

  1. fred says:

    bolt is a genius

  2. steven says:

    Bolt is BE-AWSOME!!!!!

  3. sylvi says:

    bolt aylavuyuo endi şalp şadap

  4. Thayer says:

    Bolt is a White American Shepherd and yes it IS BE-awesome.
    I’m planning to get the game cause unlike other movie games, this one is actually good. xD

  5. lanx_3d says:

    bolt adalah kartun 3d yang paling aku sukai

  6. Anonymous says:


  7. Bolt says:

    Super dog BOLT

  8. […] August 14, 2009 by Fox Vernon Looking for a free movie for the family? This Saturday night (August 15th, 2009) at 7pm at the field at Mount Vernon Recreation Center, Cinema Del Ray will be showing “Bolt.” (Here’s a couple of reviews, one from and another from a random blog) […]

  9. Karenimut says:

    U mUst watch it… It’s really good movie…. GBU

  10. lia says:

    bolt is a good movie. and a cute dog

  11. Markus says:

    Its always fun to watch it over and over again. I really enjoy watching it. Maybe Rhino deserves a break, a super movie i guess.

  12. carina says:

    olha este é o meu desenho favorito quase todos os dias eu olho vcs q fiserao este desenho mandarao muito bem esperao q ja fasa o 2 ja estou ansiosisima pra ver

  13. carolaine says:

    olha eu e minha prima choramos de tao legal este filme é eu acho q o mundo todo tinha q ver este filme de tao emosionante
    q é eu amei muitomuitomuitomuito

  14. orange_fat_cake says:

    great.good.I love Bolt

  15. catia says:

    o filma era fixeeeee

  16. Anonymous says:

    i love the bolt movie ive seen the movie like a MILLION times before and i also have the fully awesome bolt nintendo game …. ROCK ON BOLT !!!!

  17. Tuning says:

    This was a good one I’d watch again for sure..

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