“Sir, CT6767 reporting for duty!!”

That’s right, after much deliberation, I got myself a Clone Trooper figurine from the Star Wars The Clone Wars made by US toymaker, Hasbro. I happen to be out shopping with my wife and kids at Parkson Grand, Plaza Metro Kajang when we all decided to go to the Toys Department/Section. As my two munchkins were looking for new toys for either me or the Mother to buy, I stumbled across some Star Wars merchandise mainly figurines. I saw a Clone Trooper and not a standard issue Clone Trooper..but a Clone Trooper from the 501st Legion!!! Yes…the ones with the blue markings on the helmet and body amour and to read more about the Five ‘O’ One, click on this http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/501st_Legion.

Without hesitating, I quickly grabbed one (although i wanted to buy a dozen of them to form my own Grand Army of the Republic) and paid for it. It costs me RM36.99!!!. Yes you heard me right, RM36!!!. In the US of A  it’s being retailed for USD4.99 only. How on earth the same figurine costs RM36.99 in Malaysia is beyond me.

For RM36.99, you get the Clone Trooper figurine, three yes three weapons that comprises of standard issue DC-15S blaster, a DC15A Rifle and a PLX-1 portable missile launcher that can actually launch a missile !! and a Clone Trooper Identification card. What I love about figurines from Hasbro is the number of articulation it has. I mean you can articulate his arms, forearms, wrist, head/neck, thighs, lower leg and ankle. Now that’s a lot of possible positions you could articulate with this figurine.

However, I found out that his left leg is shorter than his right leg. He can stand properly with no problem at all but he seems to be leaning on his left rather than standing. My wife managed to “correct” his left leg by cutting a card paper according to the shape of sole of his boot and used a double sided tape to stick it. Hmmmm….since this Clone Trooper is kinda different from his fellow Clones because of his lopsidedness, this guy shall be known as Stumpy.

Stumpy would not be complete with other fellow Clone Troopers such as Clone Captain Rex, Clone Commander Cody, Clone Commander Bly and Clone Pilot Oddball by his side fighting off them clankers of the Separatists Army.  But for now, I guess Clone Trooper Stumpy would have to be on guard by his own as I search the galaxies for his comrades..

Pictures of CT6767 aka Stumpy coming soon…

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