My lord…

…Telekom Malaysia Streamyx internet broadband connection service from house is so freaking slow that I want to puke lah. I upgraded my 384kbps broadband line to a 1.0mbps on 12th February online  via and within 3 days, my line was upgrade to 1.0mpbs.

But for some funny reason, I was unable to experience even 500kbps!!!! I did a Streamyx speed-o-meter test and found out that my download speed was a pathetic, jaw dropping and unbelievable 290kbps!!!!!  I just can’t understand what is going on with TM Net our local wired internet service provider. I have to pay RM88 per month for a 1.0Mbps wired broadband line which in my opinion is quite costly when you can get 10 times the speed at approximately the same fee in other ASEAN countries.

If Malaysia is seriously looking into making broadband service available to every Malaysian household, TM Net has better get it’s act together.

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3 thoughts on “My lord…

  1. Eina says:

    If you have 1 Mbps and are consistently only getting less than 700 kbps then you have a good case to be getting TM out to fix it. They say “best effort” but obviouly 290 kbps is not acceptable.

    Put in a report & have them come out & fix it – if not fixed within 2 working days of the report then you can claim compensation for the downtime – I have been compensated 3 times for problems with my system.

    2 more things:

    a) TM technicians gave me this speed test URL, saying the TM one is broken apart from Brickfields. This URL doesn’t need Java either:

    b) If you have success getting it fixed or compensation awarded, let everyone know on your blog. The more people that demand value for money & know how to get it, the faster TM will HAVE to improve the overall service – it’s cheaper to have a running service than to have thousands of technicians running around fixing the system.

    Also, I think there are Internation link problems over the past week or so – they don’t count as connection problems & TM won’t come to your house to fix them.

  2. Aizan says:

    Apparently they are currently upgrading the service in certain areas hence Streamyx subscribers (who pay them monthly for smooth, undisrupted service btw) will be experiencing slower connection for the time being.

    I’ve been experiencing slower connection in Bukit Jalil too =P

  3. Khim Foh says:

    Eina – Many thanks for your feedback. If TM Net is unable to resolve the snail pace internet connection speed then I’ll guess I have to ditch Streamyx and opt for other Internet Service Provider..

    Aizan – If it is true that Streamyx are doing some kind of upgrading service, shouldn’t they at least inform the subscribers ? I mean that sort of responsibility isn’t hard to carry out eh ?

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