After 17 months

I have finally spent my last day on a ship and waved goodbye to its great bunch of crew. This ship was built from the ground up and was designed set sail to find a land filled with gold. The owner of the ship hired a capable captain and a crew of 100 persons. All of us were eager to set sail. All of us were ready to battle the rough seas to reach the land filled with gold. All of us were confident. All of us were hungry for adventure. All of us knew that we’re going to be rich.

All of us including the owner didn’t know what we got ourselves into.

Along the way, the ship sadly lost its captain. A capable captain I must say. A captain who knew what he had to do. A captain who knew how to bring out the best from his crew. A captain who was liked by many and loathed by few. A captain who had a heart of gold. A captain that I will surely miss for it was him who brought me in to help him guide the ship to reach the land filled with gold.

For 10 months, the crew steer the ship without their captain. Not an easy task I must say but we had to do what was needed. Throughout our journey we encountered rough seas that bombarded our ship. Eventually the ship – already having lost her captain was slowly succumbing to the merciless seas. Our ship was damaged and slowly sinking. We knew we had to dock at the nearest port to carry out much needed repairs but alas, our ship was deemed beyond repair. The owner of the ship decided that it was not worth the money to fix the ship and set sail again to find the land fill with gold. The owner had lost the will to find the land filled with gold. And so, the ship laid their listless on the dock, rusting away and waiting for someone to take her away.

The crew of the ship was devastated. For all the crew’s hard work and sacrifice, they were rewarded with nothing more than a glimmer of false hope.

So one by one, the crew parted ways and said their goodbyes. Some still held onto the hope that the ship will set sail again and decided to stay with the ship. I finally decided to do what’s best for my future and parted ways with the ship and her wonderful crew.

My heart was and still is filled with sadness that for this ship had potential to sail as far as the eye could see. That her crew had the potential to command the ship. That eventually we will find the land filled with gold.

But unfortunately, the land filled with gold will never be found and forever be a forgotten dream…


2 thoughts on “After 17 months

  1. Aizan says:

    So this means you left your job right?

  2. khimfoh says:


    Yep…I decided that it was time for me to go and seek greener pastures..

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