What week it has…

..been. Started my new job as a Project Manager for a multimedia content development company based in Cyberjaya on 2nd March and boy it has been non-stop work – not that I am complaining but I was overwhelmed by the sheer number of tasks that I have to do.

Luckily I am reporting to  a very cooperative COO. Both of us are able to work together to resolve outstanding and potential new issues together with minimal fuss and without the  “I AM YOUR BOSS” kinda attitude. We work as colleagues of the same rank.

I’ve been so busy, I even haven’t got the time to reply my emails from my home…partly due to extremely slow internet connection from my house and yes even thought TM NET had published in the newspapers that all connections to US had been restored, I still have problems logging into my blog.

But coming from an office place where’s there was nothing much challenging to do to a place where’s there plenty of challenges to face, I kinda like it very much. Yes I do have to go back later than usual but then that’s part and parcel of working for a company with sound business ambitions and that is constantly growing.

So till the next time…adidos…

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