Having a dog as a pet…

…isn’t easy a you’d think.

Raising a domesticated animal be it a dog, cat, bird, lizard, iguanas, fish, rabbit, hamster, ferrets or even snake involves a lot of tender loving care. Yes you heard me right, even snakes need some TLC as well you know.

Now the reason why I even bother to blog about the subject of having pets is because my next door neighbour has a dog as their pet. A bull dog I have to say and a mighty cute one I have to admit. However, being cute that he is, this dog barks in the middle of the night, in the afternoons, in the wee hours in the morning..practically almost every time of the day lah. Not only that, this dog has the most unbearable stench of dog urine. I mean it’s so freaking smelly that even maggots could faint. I seriously wonder what on earth my neighbour had been feeding the dog. But whatever the dog is eating, boy oh boy, the output stinks like hell!!! I mean I gotta hold my nose every time  I around my front porch and that’s just the doggy’s pee. I have yet to describe to you the smell of the dog’s feces.

Now being a former dog owner myself, a dog needs a lot of tender loving care. Yes you have to give the dog a good bathing, scoop up any doggy poo – dispose of it properly and water off any doggy pee, one must also give the dog plenty of loving. When I mean loving, I mean petting and cuddling the dog. Dogs have feelings as well. Dogs craves attention and some love and one has to give lot’s of attention and love or else the doggy will bark and bark and bark until you give attention and love. That’s the problem which I been noticing. The owner ain’t giving the dog enough love and attention and hence the reason why the poor dog been barking almost non stop.

So you see, raising a pet isn’t easy as buying it from the pet store and just let it be. You gotta give it lots of love because love makes the world a better place to be. 😉

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One thought on “Having a dog as a pet…

  1. Aizan says:

    You must be responsible if you wanna own pets is what I think.
    I live in an apartment and actually the rules are you can’t own pets if you live in an apartment but I’ve spotted fellow residents walking their dogs in the apartment compound quite often.

    I don’t mind if people wanna have pets. But it’s too much when these bloody dog owners just let their dogs poop anywhere and they never bothered to clean up after their dogs.

    It really irks me to see dog poo everywhere.

    Bloody selfish dog owners.

    I wonder how these dog owners would feel if I pooped in front of their door.

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