I went to Berjaya Times Square and…

..got me Commander Cody, Clone Pilot Oddball and a Space Clone Trooper from a shop that sells all action figures from Star Wars, Transformers, GI Joe and even Ultraman!!!

I was awed at the massive collection this shop has…I mean the shop is literately filled with piles and piles of the latest action figures!!! I was salivating !!! I was having a massive hard on!!!!

I naturally went to the Star Wars section and managed to find OddBall and the Space Clone Trooper but could not find Commander Cody and so I asked the shop owner and asked him whether he has stock of Commander Cody action figure. When he pulled out a box stashed with only Commander Cody action figures, my I breathe a sigh of joy.

As I drew out my wallet from my back pocket, I was shocked to find out that the shop owner was selling the Star Wars Clone Wars action figure at RM50 a piece whereas Toys ‘R’ Us were retailing them at RM36.99 a piece. Why the RM14 price difference ????

Me :  Err..isn’t the recommended retail price is RM36.99 ?

Shop Owner : Friend, Hasbro Malaysia only sells me in set of an assortment of 6 action figures and not in loose pieces..

Me : Err…so ???

Shop Owner : So…most of the time, people rather buy a certain action figure character and not the whole assortment of 6 action figures..

Me : Okay….but the RM14 price difference is kinda high don’t you think ?

Shop Owner : Yeah..but that’s how I need to cover my cost mah…

Right……at first I wanted to walk out of the shop but since I rarely come to KL let alone Berjaya Times Square, I might as well I all three and so I took out my plastic card to purchase all three action figures.

Now I’ve got in my collection, Clone Trooper of 501st Legion, Captain Rex, Commander Cody, Clone Pilot Oddball and Space Clone Trooper. Hmmm…who else I need…oh ya…Commander Gree.

Commander Cody

Commander Cody

Cody without his headgear

Cody without his headgear

Space Clone Trooper

Space Clone Trooper

Clone Pilot Oddball

Clone Pilot Oddball

My current collection of Clone Troopers.

Family Album..hahahaha

Now, I got to find a way to display my collection of clone troopers in a nice way rather than just placing on top of my computer. One well two words comes to mind..Republic Gunship…yes I need to buy a Republic Gunship to house all of my clone troopers and that’s next on my shopping list. 😉

Oh by the way, the name and location of the shop is

GRAFFITI TOYS, Lot 05-92 Graffiti Street, Berjaya Times Square, KL. Tel : 03-2413-2293

And…many thanks to my good friend and fellow Clone Trooper CT6969 aka Peeps…for informing me of this awesome toy shop. 🙂


6 thoughts on “I went to Berjaya Times Square and…

  1. peeps says:

    you is welcome!

  2. Aizan says:

    KF, the toys are so expensive yet you openly display it on your PC. Aren’t you afraid Wei Han might take one or two of the figurines and make them swim in the mud?

  3. Khim Foh says:


    Nah…I ain’t afraid of my son,Wei Han, taking away my action figures and stash them somewhere I can’t find and besides, he’ into Power Rangers action figures…. 😉

  4. Anonymous says:

    all the best bro !!!!!!!!!!

  5. Prometheus says:

    hallo.. next time, go Ebay. Cheaper than 50 ringgit. Some more can get hard to find figures. Another place you have to go is Amcorp Mall in PJ. A lot of hard to find things there as well.

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