I need something…

….to store my Star Wars action figures as I just can’t leave ’em standing on top of my computer. At first of I was toying on the idea of buying a Republic Gunship but then I stumbled upon an AT-TE as shown below…


..and it comes with a Clone Trooper as well. Below is a video clip of the AT-TE…

..another clip

Now judging from both video clips this toy does look quite substantial. I mean it’s size is similar to that of a full grown house cat.  I am undecided on buying the Republic Gunship or the AT-TE…hmm…Republic Gunship or AT-TE….Gunship or AT-TE….Gunship..AT-TE…Gunship…AT TE…sigh….decisions, decisions, decisions…..


4 thoughts on “I need something…

  1. uninvoked says:

    Why don’t you buy both? That’s what I’d do. ^^

    Of course, this is the person who has a tank collection larger than most people’s stamp collections >_>

  2. Khim Foh says:

    ..hmmm buying both eh ? that’s a great idea.. 😉

  3. contaminatedcookies says:

    yes buy both of them, then the next week another 2… then… sambung tiap2 minggu beli 2 hahahahah… brilliant!

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