..I could hot wire it sir…

…yep..that’s what Clone Trooper Denal of the 501st legion said to Captain Rex while on board the Separatist Trade Federation Space Station. They were trying to blow up the station whilst Anakin goes and search for R2D2.

Hasbro has decided to make a figurine of Denal and I wish Hasbro ships to our shores as soon as possible. In fact I wish they ship all of the latest clone trooper action figures as well and pronto…



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One thought on “..I could hot wire it sir…

  1. Aizan says:

    I’m not into figurines but ever since Star Wars was aired (I was a little, little kid then) I’ve been in love with the light sabre.

    One day as I was shopping for gifts for my nephews I saw this replica of a light sabre which glows, makes those cool sounds light sabres make and is the exact length and size of the ones in the movies.

    If it was about RM150 -RM200 I’d close one eye and buy the darn thing but its asking price is RM500!!

    Way too expensive for me.

    Sigh. Maybe next time.

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