24 Postures of Taijiquan…

..according to sources from the Mountains of Woo Tan ..(I made that one up)..taiji is a form of exercise to help cleanse the mind and soul. It’s supposed to help one to achieve a self actualization and achieve greater mental strength.

My wife upon her return from a one week business trip in China many weeks ago decided that I should I enlist a help of one famous taichi master living in the Mountains of Woo Tan..(I made that one up). I told my wife that in no circumstances I need to seek a help of some so called taichi master to enable me to achieve self actualization. I don’t believe in such a thing called self actualization. Give me a 50″ LCD Panel TV with access to all the channels in the world,  game consoles (XBOX, PS2, Wii) , an endless supply of beer and free access to Hasbro Star Wars merchandise and I am a happy and contented man. Who cares about self actualization!!!!

But being a caring wife that she is, she decided to buy me something wearable (a bloody tee shirt lah) to remind me to practice taijiquan in the hope that I will attain self actualization.



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One thought on “24 Postures of Taijiquan…

  1. peeps says:

    need a partner to do this? sounds interesting

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